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Shape Magazine Digging Deeper Into Fashion

Le 9 August 2018, 04:15 dans Humeurs 0

Since athleticwear has somehow morphed into acceptable workwear, it’s only natural for fitness magazines to keep trying their hands at fashion.

Such is the case with Shape, a magazine well-known for years of covers featuring celebrities of all grades in swimsuits or ab-baring workout gear. The magazine was acquired in 2015 by Meredith Corp. — but was actually founded in the early Eighties by a female bodybuilder — and unofficially relaunched in May with a much keener view of fashion.

Although the title has been shifting in that direction since last fall, editor in chief Elizabeth Goodman Artis ended up tapping Brooke Ely Danielson as Shape’s first fashion and lifestyle director. She was tasked specifically with expanding the fashion offerings in the magazine, which has grown to five full sections from three, and also seems to be an ambassador of sorts for moving Shape into “lifestyle” territory and further away from its history as hyper-focused on fitness and exercise.

“We’re seeing sneakers go down the runway and people are investing more in their health,” Danielson said in explanation of why Shape is taking on a fashion tone after decades focused on fitness. “The whole thought behind it is investing in yourself.”

This is on message with the September issue, featuring on the cover actor Aja Naomi King, who’s best known for her role on “How to Get Away With Murder” (making her part of a cadre of September fashion covers featuring black women, including Elle, Vogue and Glamour). Although sparser in overall design, the cover only mentions exercise once, with “beauty,” “energy” and “inner strength” getting the bold type treatment.

And King is certainly on a fashion shoot in her cover — her abs are even covered by a heavy-knit sweater; her portrait is in black-and-white, the universal signal for “arty.” A year ago, Kate Upton was on the cover in briefs, unzipping a jacket surrounded by words like “heavy weights,” “strength game” and “healthy meals.”

But the shift toward lifestyle and fashion content, which didn’t work out so well for Condé Nast’s fitness-turned-wellness/lifestyle glossy Self magazine, has yet to take such a hold online. Shape’s web site is still very much about fitness workout gear and eating habits. “Weight loss” is even a main tab on the landing page, prescriptive terminology that even Weight Watchers has been inching away from.

While Danielson, who’s held roles at and Glamour, is focused almost entirely on print and injecting that product with a balance of “grounded” fashion and fitness, she did hint that the digital product is in for a change later this year. “It will get more integrated — I hope,” she said.

But what works on the page certainly doesn’t always work online and it seems to be something Shape will have to overcome, at some point.

“There’s magic in print and I don’t know if online can execute what that magic is,” Danielson said. “I think time will tell.”


Club Factory |Try On Haul +App Review

Chinese e-commerce apps like Club Factory, Shein, Romwe value India markets

Le 13 July 2018, 07:33 dans Mode 0

India is one of the main markets of focus for China's major cross-border e-commerce players due to high potential for economic growth, according to a report on Sunday.

Five of the top 10 best performing cross-border e-commerce Chinese apps in the first five months --- such as Club Factory, SHEIN, ROMWE and JollyChic - focussed on the Middle East and India markets, according to a report from app data provider App Annie.

According to the report, the Indian market enjoys a huge population and high potential for economic growth, thus attracting many e-commerce players to expand their presence, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

Smartphones are popular in Arab countries and local consumers have strong purchasing power. But the oil-rich countries lack textiles and other light sectors, offering cross-border e-commerce opportunities for products like apparel.

Alibaba's AliExpress tops the list, which mainly reviews the performances of third-party business-to-consumer e-commerce platforms targeting overseas consumers, it said.

The report also showed that South American markets pose rising growth potential while developed markets in Europe and the United States remain attractive to Chinese e-commerce players.

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The surprising way World Cup fever is influencing your wardrobe

Le 10 July 2018, 03:22 dans Humeurs 0

There is no doubt that World Cup fever hit the UK even harder this weekend as England reached the semi-finals for the first time in 28 years, causing fans across the country to celebrate in style. This year's tournament has not only spread unrivalled levels of excitement, but it has also influenced fashion trends (and no, we're not talking about Gareth Southgate's waistcoat).

According to global fashion search engine Lyst, there has been a sudden surge in appetite for female football-inspired fashion this year, with searches seeing a significant growth.

All fashion searches using the words "football" and "soccer" are up a massive 340 per cent year on year. And, from May to June, searches with these two key words were up 210 per cent month on month, which is nearly double the increase seen across all searches.

When you break it down to women's fashion specifically, the numbers are even more staggering with women's searches for "soccer" and "football" up 540 per cent year on year.

So, what exactly does women's football-inspired fashion look like? Well, according to Lyst, women are unsurprisingly not just searching for practical kits they can play in.

Some of the most searched-for pieces have been vintage-inspired, including USSR and German mesh dresses by Adidas, while embellished football shirts by Koche have also proved very popular. Searches for "football scarves" have been up 12 per cent since March after Instagram influencers championed the trend during fashion week in February.

When it comes to the catwalk, football style has been embraced by fashion powerhouse Versace and is proving very popular on search in the form of the brand's striped logo football shirt (which you can still buy here).

Louis Vuitton has also joined in the fun with an official Fifa World Cup Collection, in which they have given a football makeover to some of their most iconic handbags.

Lyst argues that the changing attitudes towards female football fans and female football players is part of the reason for the interest invading fashion.

"In recent years there’s been a shift in football culture as more and more women become not only fans but active participants on the fields, too," Lyst's report said. "Interest in women’s football continues to grow with each iteration of the UEFA Women's World Championship and greater media coverage on the leading players."

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